Webinar series: Digitalisation from design to operation creates best-in-class solutions

Digitalization and Digital Twin

These new digital technologies will enable us to truly exploit Industry 4.0 capabilities, to create added value at every stage of our machines’ life cycle.

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How Augmented Reality is used for both changeover routines and maintenance operations

The Augmented Reality (AR) demo that we will run in this webinar will be focus on: a mini Wrap FW, an extremely compact case and tray wrapper for shelf-ready packaging, how AR is used for both changeover routines and maintenance operations.

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Virtual Remote Assistance – Hands free visual assistance for documentation, inspection and training

Visual inspections by fellow engineers do not include photographs. Often, the only evidence of a job inspection are a few notes in a log book. Workers won’t always have the right expertise or experience in a given situation, and may need help interpreting what they see. Any delays in identifying problems can lead to escalating costs and downtime.

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