Young Digital 2021

Cama ha rilasciato il suo contributo all’evento YOUNG DIGITAL 2021. L’evento digitale per l’orientamento in ambito Scuola, Formazione, Università e Lavoro dedicato a studenti e famiglie del territorio di Como e Lecco, promosso e organizzato dalla Camera di Commercio di Como-Lecco in collaborazione con la Rete dell’orientamento OrientaComo e con i Rappresentanti istituzionali per l’orientamento della provincia di Lecco.


Live FAT

Stay safe! Stay Connected! Stay informed…. Our virtual Live FAT ticked all the boxes. Get the bigger picture in real time… anywhere in the world.

Cama never stops!

Industry 4.0 is driving our continuous technological evolution. We now offer fully virtualised product lifecycles – from initial idea to full production.
Invest in the future… we have

Cama machine in action

Packaging System for the Bakery industry; Cama machines high speed and flexibility, delivers the agility required to easily adapt to new packaging formats/arrays required by this segment.

Flexible, future-proof design

Cama’s solution was to deploy its in-house-developed robotic technology, which would pick up the stick pack and load them gently into the boxes using product counts defined by the box size and batch parameters, including the incorporation of packaging¬ recipe flexibility, for possible future variations in products and box packaging dimensions. The pick-and-place operations for the products are complemented by robotic box forming and closing procedures, too.

When Industry 4.0 brings benefits to end users

To get a real added value from industry 4.0 it is necessary to think along 2 directions : a human one through the virtualization of the operator’s function and a system direction starting from a sharp data collecting. Only when human and full proof machines are perfectly mixed you can obtain a concrete value from Industry 4.0.
Watch the video to find out more:

Best Dairy applications video:

Wrap-around; Side Loading; Top Loading; Robotics and Sleeving. Cama is in an ideal position to help its dairy customers cope with increasing marketing creativity and growing sustainability targets.


Best Wipes applications video:

Cama partnering with customers to automate their packaging lines offer comprehensive innovative machinery and service solution adding tangible value to their business operations.
Best of Personal, Health and Home Care applications video: Top loading; Side Loading and Case Packer machines.

Best Confectionery applications video:

Robot vision driven; Top Loading; Side Loading and Case Packer applications. Cama has a high level of experience in confectionery with many machines installed globally, many with unique packaging solutions developed in partnership with our customers.


Best Ice Cream applications video:

Cama is the ideal supplier to the Ice Cream industry state of the art secondary packaging lines where robots and machines work together like clockwork.

Best Pet Food applications video:

In the last 20 years, Cama has successfully supplied multiple lines to major pet-foods companies around the globe. Cama’s solutions can cater for sacks, pouches, boxes, flow packs, tubs, trays and tins, as well as mixed-flavour packaging, varying product counts, promotional packs and multi-vendor/multi-brand production

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