System Engineering

We suit our experience to meet your needs

Treating each order as a separate project, Cama’s project management is both cost and schedule driven to ensure that each project is “on-time” and “within budget”.
To meet this target, a Cama staff of qualified, experienced and competent Project Managers, each specialized in a particular sector, will support our customers in every phase of each project. A project engineer moves each project forward, continually monitoring the project for quality, technical specifications and design excellence.
Capable of running multiple projects around the world, Cama maintains strict global standardization to ensure every machine is compatible, now and for years to come.

Project management tools

One Space

Design reviews/technical specifications utilizing One (web conferences).


Informix based order processing and custom-made project databases.


Milestone schedules and Critical Path Method (CPM) utilizing HiPlan (SQL-based solution able to handle multiple projects with performances impossible to achieve with MS project).


Change management via Engineering Change Request (ECR) process.