In Smart Packaging Hub you find innovative technologies made available by seven different companies that, in the Hub, share the force and the specific competences of their core business in some of the most important applicative niches of the food & beverage packaging chain.


Who enters Smart Packaging Hub:

  • gains access to a single highly flexible technological innovation space, without however having to come to the compromise of the “single supplier” or of the “standard line”
  • finds the best of seven companies’ competences for the development of specific automated solutions, to satisfy all requirements in the food and beverage packaging chain, achieving the best in engineering flexibility and in machine configuration
  • benefits from a platform where it is possible to interact with some of the best experts in the engineering and construction of automated machines, sharing their specific expertise and competences
  • joins an exclusive calendar of technological events


Smart Packaging Hub is the place par excellence where end-users can also benefit from that entire “Made in Italy” technological connotation. This connotation means first of all the utmost flexibility in the customization of automated packaging plants. In the Hub, actually, visitors discover how to adapt their machines at best to each future requirement, in terms of components on machine board, as well as machine programming, diagnostics and operations.

End-users find in Smart Packaging Hub the highest empathy of seven specialized companies that are able to read and understand their key business needs.