Date: 26 May 2014
Cat: Turnkey Systems

Vision driven naked products Pick&Place

Cama’s unique approach with this new multi-robot application provides a single controller for the entire system


Top Speed Multi Delta line in a reduced footprint

One way straight to full efficiency

Cama has been continuously investing in R&D. At least 5% of the yearly Cama turnover is dedicated to Research & Development, because to be a leader means to be able to satisfy the new challenges coming from the market while taking advantage of the latest technological improvements. For over 20 years, Cama has been engineering and manufacturing its own robots, in order to provide one sole supplier secondary packaging systems. The main advantages of this philosophy follow:

  • One sole supplier responsible for both packaging machines and robots.
  • No “black boxes”, thanks to open software together with an instruction manual.
  • Robots conceived for the packaging business manufactured by a packaging specialist.

Currently, Delta type robots are playing a major role in the packaging business, thanks to their versatility. Once again, Cama is leading the path with unique and highly reliable solutions.
The picture provides a great example of Cama’s capability to innovate, enhancing a standard system to produce at maximum efficiency. 12 Delta type robots, RB588 model, are integrated in a single loading unit cell. The robots are placed 6 by 6 in two parallel lanes, share the same working area as they pick and place products from the product transport conveyor. Thanks to the Cama patented anti collision system, each robot knows its position and the position of the robots around, avoiding any conflict in picking and placing. The picked products are then placed into trays moving in the same direction as the products, resulting in a co-flow principle which, by means of an accurate software developed by Cama software specialists, guarantees the full fill of all the boxes/trays. One single artificial vision camera drives all the 12 robots. The Co-Flow by Cama is the fastest way to achieve efficiency.

Primary advantages of the Cama robotic application:

  • Optimal, fast and gentle-handling solution that proved not to damage delicate products such as naked chocolates.
  • Easy handling of extremely irregular chocolates, guaranteeing minimal waste of products.
  • The Cama Smart Vision System that optimizes the management of the product by automatically selecting products according to pre-established dimension and arrival speed.

Cama’s unique approach with this new multi-robot application provides a single controller for the entire system, based on a standard technology that can be managed by a trained engineer. Consequently, all functions are integrated in one control system, while the number of interfaces and component costs are reduced.

Over the past few years, Cama pursued the development of its own Delta robot to enhance the existing range of integrated robotic solutions. This development led to the birth of the Cama Triaflex series, Delta robots with carbon fibre arms, ideal for fast and smart product handling. Cama’s Multi Delta vision guided loading units represent another technological step forward to cater to customer needs.