Date: 27 May 2014
Cat: Turnkey Systems

Sinergy of Cama Delta Robots and machines for flowpacked products

Turnkey supply consisting of a Cama Delta robot loading the products into the infeed of a cartoner for automatic side loading in a solid board selling units which are subsequently grouped and loaded into a corrugated board shipping case.

One step ahead with turnkey systems

Cama Group, with its unique range of packaging machines and robots, is a fast growing leading supplier of advanced technology end-of-line packaging systems, continuously investing in innovative solutions.
Thanks to its specialised know-how in the bakery and confectionery market, combined with its unique range of packaging lines, Cama has once more produced winning solutions and technologically advanced plants to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding clientele.
Cama has supplied a high speed line for chocolate covered biscuits, made up of a cartoning machine, two delta robots and a display-box case packer. The products are discharged from a flowpack machine at the speed of 700 flow-wraps/minute and are picked up and loaded “line tracking” into the electronic cartoning machine infeed. Gentle handling guarantees the integrity of an extremely fragile product.
Products are then packed into a carton and finally inserted into a display-box case in one of the different possible configurations.
Cama’s ability to simultaneously manage three different secondary packaging technologies (robotics, cartoning and case packing) guarantees several advantages for the final customer.