Date: 27 May 2014
Cat: Robotic Division

Loading Units with 2 axis Robots

Hard duties two axis robots

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Cama is one of the leading suppliers of 2 axis robotic loading units that provide a fundamental part of complete packaging lines. These units are designed to handle a wide variety of products, such as flow-wraps, bags, thermoformed packs & cartons and load them into RSC cases, boxes, trays etc.

IG Multipurpose Loading Units

Robotic loading unit, equipped with product grouping devices, package phasing conveyors and pick-up heads, designed according to the specifications and features of the customer’s product.
The combination of high performance and excellent reliability makes Cama’s robotic units extremely suitable to be integrated into complete production lines for both food and non-food applications.

IT Loading Units with Vertical Race Track

Robotic loading unit, equipped with single or double, multiple or simple product collecting device and package phasing conveyors. Vertical race track for both loading product into separate trains of pockets and transferring product to the pick-up area.
Products are fed and phased into each pocket by means of accelerating belts.

IF Monoblock Loading Unit (forming, loading and closing or lidding unit)

Cama “IF” Series, a unique combination of integrated packaging machines and robotic loading units, provide added value to our customers needs by incorporating reduced footprint, flexible size changing and high reliability.
Main machine functions are operated by servomotors and various product grouping devices, determined according to product specifications.

Main Technical Advantages:


Cama machines are designed and built for 24-hour operation, seven days per week, 52 weeks per year.

Electronic Machines

Fully electronic machines driven by independent brushless motors ensuring leaner machine operation and less mechanical parts to provide the highest flexibility to fit current and future product and packaging needs.

Ergonomic and Hygienic design

Transmission by timing belts, motors mounted on the main drive shaft, “easy entry” and low product retention machine design together provide world class ease of use and reliability.

TPM compliant (Total Productive Maintenance)

Cama’s machinery is notable for its simple yet sophisticated design, complying with TPM specifications thanks to a complete vision of machine components as well as product/package flow.

Safety approved design

All Cama equipment conforms to Category 3 safety design according to the latest safety regulation EN 13849-1 PL d.

Automatic Size Changing (ASC)

As an option, machine change over can be automatically carried out by means of servo motor adjustments and easy releasing locking devices with no need of tools.

Automatic Sizeparts Recognition (ASR)

Cama’s digital size changing system (ASR – Automatic Sizeparts Recognition), guarantees automatic size parts recognition, with accurate replacement and quick line restart, trouble free.

IFeel Panel

CAMA IFeel Panel represents the most user friendly and effective on board HMI to carry out preventive maintenance program and size changing procedures by means of video and relevant explanations. Cama’s market driven development represents a new generation of diagnostic panels, each customized for our customers.