Date: 29 Jul 2020

Forming & Closing Machines

FA – AV – CD – CP Series

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Forming machine

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Vertical RSC

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Closing Machine

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Lidding Machine

Lock and glue type Carton Forming Machines FA 19–24

Cama offers great expertise and technical know-how in Forming & Closing systems technology, combining packaging machines with robotic loading systems. CAMA offers a unique range of electronic box and case forming machines, box and case closing machines as well as lidding, suitable to fit every forming & closing projects.
The combination of high performance and excellent reliability makes these machines extremely suitable for being integrated into complete production lines for food and non-food applications.

Vertical RSC Case Forming Machines AV 256-266

Medium and high speed RSC cases forming machinery with positive case drive.
Bottom case closing with self-adhesive tape or glue.

Intermittent and continuous motion Closing Machines CD 46-56-58-59-49

Intermittent and continuous motion box Closing Machines. Hot melt electronic closing machines for boxes, cartons and cases with 1- or 3-flap lids.

Glue type Vertical Lidding Machines CP 614-625

Electronic lidding machines for applying lids with up to 4 flaps onto trays.
Standard or chimney-type version. Single or double lidding head.