Date: 27 May 2014
Cat: Robotic Division

Loading Units with Triaflex Delta Robots

Vision driven four axis robots

Over the last few years, Cama pursued the development of its own Delta robot to enhance our existing range of integrated robotic solutions. This development led to the birth of Cama Triaflex series, Delta robots with carbon fibre arms, suitable for fast and smart product handling. Triaflex robots are utilized for sorting and packing a vast variety of products, top loading cartons and/or feeding ancillary packaging machines.

IG Single or Multiple Delta Loading Units with Integral Vision System

Cama Multi Delta vision guided loading units represent another technological step forward to cater to customers’ needs. By means of a “smart” vision system, the robots can sort and pick loose products on a production line and position the products into a container or on a conveyor in a pre-set pattern.

IT Delta Robot Loading Units

Delta robot loading units equipped with single or double vertical race track to group and load products into boxes and small cases. Cama’s dynamic box phasing device ensures gentle package handling combined with fast product loading.

IF Delta Robot Loading Packaging Machines

As part of a complete packaging solution, Cama has combined Delta robots with integral packaging machines to achieve the most flexible product grouping and loading solutions in the packaging industry.
Thanks to a single or double line tracking system, the robots load products onto continuous motion packaging machines, such as cartoning, sleeving or horizontal flow-wrapping machines.