Date: 25 Oct 2018
Cat: Turnkey Systems

Complete Robotic Line to pack flowpacks

In multi-varieties and multi-layers with different collations

Partnering with customers to automate their packaging lines, Cama offers comprehensive innovative machinery and service solutions, adding tangible value to their business operations. The enhanced IG machine series is part of the new generation of multi-Delta vision guided robotic loading units, capable of loading flexible or rigid products into RSC cases, boxes, trays and other containers.

One of the latest and most comprehensive Cama non-food application utilizes a complete robotic line to pack flowpacks in multi-varieties and multi-layers with different collations. This solution belongs to the new BT Generation Systems, combining maximum flexibility with the highest equipment performance. The complete robotic line comprises two robotic units in-line. The robotic system collects in primary packages arriving in two lanes, one lane for each variety, mixing the different varieties in several different layer configurations according to customer requirements. The Triaflex Delta Robots place the packages onto a conveyor that feeds the secondary 3-axis robotic loading unit. Products can be oriented and packed both in FLAT or ON EDGE configurations. The product infeed rate is 120 products per minute per lane (total infeed rate is 240 products per minute). Simultaneously, a Cama tray phasing unit positions empty trays under the 3-axis robot, which in constant motion loads the layers of collated products arriving on the conveyor from the first loading unit into the trays. Loaded trays travel on the conveyor to the discharge station.

Since 1981 Cama has been developing, manufacturing and installing secondary packaging machinery around the world, conceived in various configurations to meet all your special needs and requirements. Cama is an international leader in secondary packaging into corrugated carton or case, being able to supply both packaging machines and robots that are specifically engineered for the packaging business.

The Cama robotic applications feature fast, optimal and gentle-handling solutions that are proven not to damage even the most delicate products, and incorporates a Smart Vision System that optimizes the management of the product by automatically selecting products according to pre-established dimensions and arrival speed.