Date: 30 Jun 2015
Cat: Chocolate & Confectionery

Chocolate & Confectionery

Packaging System for the Chocolate & Confectionery Industry

Industry background:

  • Global chocolate market valued at around USD 103.28 billion in 2017 and expected to reach approximately USD 161.56 billion in revenue by 2024 (Zion);
  • Growing at a CAGR of around 7.0% between 2018 and 2024 (Zion);
  • Emerging markets are increasing demand;
  • Demographic shift releasing new revenue streams for higher quality products.

It’s a matter of Hygiene, Product Care and Accuracy

Market demands:

This market is heavily dependent on brand and packaging appeal, both of which are coupled to price points.

Continual innovation in product and packaging formats (for both mass production and small batch), more dramatic packaging & product reveals and the growing use of sustainable materials and packaging leads to regular variations in packaging styles and formats

Packaging requirements:

  • Massive array of packaging formats, materials and arrays to cater for promotional, seasonal and geographical demands;
  • Fragile products – packaging must protect contents and ‘create ceremony’, but using less materials;
  • Continual innovation and brand differentiation;
  • Sustainable materials.

Cama Solutions

Cama recognises that many plants cater for a mixture of high speed/mass production and small volume/artisanal, and for this reason its global experience in supplying machines cross different plants worldwide creates a huge customer advantage.

In addition to addressing regulatory compliance, including washdown, contamination, voids & trap points, Cama’s advanced technology also delivers connectivity to enterprise systems for batch data capture, ERP and remote maintenance.

It’s machine’s high speed and flexibility deliver the agility required to easily adapt to new products and packaging formats/arrays/contents

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