Date: 16 Mar 2015
Cat: Bakery & Biscuits

Biscuits & Bakery

Packaging Systems for the Bakery Industry

Industry background: 

  • Global bakery products market is forecasted to reach USD 543.9 billion by 2024 growing at a CAGR of 2.6% during the forecast period (2019 – 2024) (Mordor Intelligence);
  • Asia Pacific is fastest growing market and Europe is largest market (Mordor Intelligence).

Innovation in Product and Packaging Formats

Market demands:

This is a highly volatile market, with healthier ingredients (‘light’, nutrition, organic, gluten free, etc.) and formats such as meal substitute (breakfast bars, energy bars, etc.) appearing regularly, requiring convenient, single serve and shelf ready packaging.

The bakery sector is heavily dependent on the perception of quality, coupled to cleanliness and complete trust in a brand and its persona. As a result, product and brand differentiation are coupled to price points.

The market is seeing continual innovation in product and packaging formats from traditional designs as well as a move towards more sustainable materials and packaging.

Packaging requirements:

  • Fragile/spoilable product demands effective secondary packaging;
  • Minimal and gentle product handling;
  • Shelf ready packaging, with secondary packaging processes not affecting shelf appeal;
  • New packaging styles and designs for market differentiation, coupled to basic traditional designs for generic/commodity;
  • Continual innovation and brand differentiation;
  • Sustainable materials.

Cama solutions

Cama offer global experience in supplying machines cross different plants worldwide. Their high speed and flexibility, delivers the agility required to easily adapt to new packaging formats/arrays/contents).

In addition to addressing regulatory compliance, including washdown, contamination, voids & trap points, Cama’s advanced technology also delivers connectivity to enterprise systems for batch data capture, ERP and remote maintenance.

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