Date: 16 Mar 2015
Cat: Beverage



Industry background: 

  • The beverage market contains some of the world’s biggest and most powerful brand names, with marketing spends into the billions – so image and packaging clarity is everything.


Packaging Clarity is Everything

Market demands:

Even simple cans and bottles undergo regular reinvention in terms of shape, style and size, in addition to complete market shifts to alternatives to traditional formats, such as craft brew’s move towards cans.

Millions are spent every year on product promotion and branding, so when a product hits the shelf, it must showcase the brand effectively and clearly, often now in convenient, single serve, shelf ready packaging.

It is a highly competitive market looking to expand both product range and global reach. Heavily dependent on brand and packaging appeal, brand differentiation and perception are coupled to price points.

Many factories handle a mixture of high speed/mass production and small volume/artisanal and face pressures from continual innovation in product and packaging formats.

Packaging requirements:

  • Intense global and local competition demands regular recipe and packaging innovation.
  • Shelf appeal and shelf-ready packaging is essential, with high-end designs and materials being developed and deployed that are commensurate with brand perception and product pricing strategies.
  • Continual innovation and brand differentiation.
  • Sustainable materials.

Cama solutions:

From craft/artisan drinks through to mass packaging operations, Cama’s flexibility and agility is key to successful packaging procedures and technology.

Cama’s secondary packaging solutions are capable of addressing shifts in packaging styles, formats, brand changes, bespoke campaigns and product counts.

In addition to addressing regulatory compliance, including washdown, contamination, voids & trap points, Cama’s advanced technology also delivers connectivity to enterprise systems for batch data capture, ERP and remote maintenance.

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