Date: 16 Mar 2015
Cat: Baby Food

Baby Food

Packaging Systems for the Baby Food Industry

Industry background: 

  • The industry is expected to register a CAGR of 6.67%, during the period of 2019 to 2024. (Mordor Intelligence).

Packaging must be fit for Purpose, Safe and Resistant.

Market demands:

Baby food is a highly regulated, often emotionally driven market, where legislation and consumer trust play a huge role. The highly competitive market – with leading national and international brands – is heavily dependent on the perception of quality, premium ingredients and nutrition.

The industry is heavily dependent on the perception of quality and healthy ingredients and a complete trust in a brand and its persona. As a result, product and brand differentiation are coupled to price points and face continual innovation in both product and packaging formats

Packaging requirements:

  • Massive array of packaging formats, materials and arrays to cater for product types, child development ages and international markets
  • Sector is heavily dependent on the perception of quality and healthy nutritious ingredients coupled to cleanliness and complete trust in a brand and its persona
  • Shelf appeal and shelf-ready packaging is essential, with high-end designs and materials being developed and deployed that are commensurate with brand perception and product pricing strategies


Cama solutions

Baby food brand owners must have the confidence that their packaging technology can keep pace with market trends. Cama’s solutions are flexible enough to deal with wide product variation, packaging styles and packaging arrays. 

Cama’s solutions can cater for sacks, pouches, boxes, flow packs, tubs, trays and tins, as well as mixed-flavour packaging, varying product counts, promotional packs and multi-vendor/multi-brand production.

In addition to addressing regulatory compliance, including washdown, contamination, voids & trap points, Cama’s advanced technology also delivers connectivity to enterprise systems for batch data capture, ERP and remote maintenance.

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