Date: 27 May 2014
Cat: Robotic Division

Loading Units with “Y Shaped” 2 Axis Robot

Extra light two axis robots


Thanks to constant investment in our Robotic R&D, Cama has developed a new range of “Y” shape 2 axis robots, following the Company’s motto “Technology with Added Value”. These Units can load food and non-food products into RSC cases, boxes, trays and other containers.

IG Multipurpose Loading Unit

“Y” shape 2 axis robot, standard with high resistance carbon fibre arms, can be equipped with a third axis to allow multiple product pick-and-place. The simplicity of this robotic design provides easy set up and user-friendly operation.

IT Loading Units with Vertical Race Track

“Y” shape 2 axis loading unit is equipped with single or double, multiple or simple product collecting device and package phasing conveyor. This machine also features our vertical race track for product loading into separate trains of pockets and transferring products to the pick-up area. Products are fed and phased into each pocket by means of accelerating belts.

IF Monoblock Loading Units (forming, loading and closing or lidding unit)

Cama “IF” Series, a unique combination of integrated packaging machines and robotic loading units, provide added value to our customers needs by incorporating reduced footprint, flexible size changing and high reliability.
Main machine functions are operated by servomotors and various product grouping devices, determined according to product specifications.