Date: 27 May 2014
Cat: Turnkey Systems

Variety pack top loading

High capacity and great flexibility in a complete system for mixed flavors and shapes loading.

Automatic system for shapes and flavors mixed loading

Consumers are changing, they love to have the opportunity to choose, they don’t like standardized offers: for this reason the request for variety multipack is increasing.
Not only different product flavors, but also different shapes or primary packs are requested to be packed in the same carton.
Cama brilliantly solved the issue, proposing a very flexible system, with user friendly interface and quick change over operation.
Up to 5 different products (flavors or shapes) could be cleverly mixed together to give the end user the desired packaging differentiation.
There are 5 conveyor belts taking totes full of products to 5 different robotic cells. In every cell, 3 Cama Delta type robots pick the products and place them into a metal container moved by a belt.
The combined work of the 5 top loading cells contributes to create 1 complete layer of mixed product in each transport pocket.
The pocket conveyor carries the layers straight to a second robotic station where 2 other Cama Delta robots pick them up and place each complete layer in the open carton boxes previously formed by the automatic forming machine.
Once the boxes are filled, they go through a high-speed checkweigher, after which leaflets or coupons can be added by an automatic feeder; the boxes are eventually closed by a Cama closing machine.
“This is another demonstration of our capability to supply complete systems, in which our packaging machines and robots are shaped on the customer needs – Mr. Daniele Bellante, Cama Group CEO, said”.