Packaging Consulting

More than 30 years in handling cartons and cases

The Cama Packaging Department offers more than 30 years of experience in the design and testing of packaging paperboard and cardboard, in order to achieve the highest efficiency when working with automatic machines.
We study the best possible packaging solution in relation to the product characteristics, packaging materials and the end user’s requirements, including both sustainability and reducing material costs.
We design innovative solutions to offer our customers a complete packaging service.

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A complete range of services from project beginning up to machines in operations

Sales Engineering Service

We study the best possible packaging solutions in relation to the product characteristics and the end user’s requirements.

Project Development & Management

We manage both cost and planning to ensure that each project is “on-time” and “within budget”.
To reach this target, our project Managers work worldwide to support our customers in every phase of each project, continually monitoring for quality, technical specifications and design excellence.

Packaging Consulting

After the order is acquired, the Cama Packaging Department, based on its specific technical know-how, carries out a sequence of checks at various levels on the cardboard and/or corrugated carton technical features to ensure maximum production efficiency in relation to the specifications of the required packaging system.