We are Eco-Friendly

At Cama, we are used to taking the lead when faced with the most important challenges we all undertake. The need to help reduce pollution and waste is something Cama takes seriously, therefore, we have put in place the Cama EIR (Environmental Impact Reduction) triangle to support our drive in continuous technological development whilst considering the Environment first.

1. Smaller machines

Design reviews of our machines to make them smaller. By reducing the size of our machines and making them more compact we use less material and less energy consumed in the manufacturing process.

2. Components reduction

Fewer parts used enhances machine maintenance, making the process easier. Construction is also minimized reducing the final product’s footprint.

3. Stronger Machines

As technology continues to improve, so does the reliability of our machine parts. This means less spare parts to be sent all over the world, less energy consumed to produce the parts and less labour wasted in downtime recovery procedures.