Generation 4.0 is the global project of Cama Group to give life to all digital activities and innovative services for the manufacturing world.
The initiative covers a series of projects, activities and actions aimed at optimizing internal and external processes.
We integrate technological know-how and new digital skills into classic production paradigms.
We generate value with improved machines and services, created to offer a predictive and personalized experience.
Cama machines are Smart Machines, easily adaptable to environmental conditions, able to learn and suggest improvements.

System Engineering:

Pre Sales 3D Animation


3D video animation to support pre-sales activities.
Send us your offer request our System Engineering team will review it and share back a 3D video animation proposal to be shared during a video conference call.
Looking at the 3D animation video you will verify the feasibility of the solution and even the real machine footprint.

When your request perfectly matches with the suggested proposal/solution a detailed offer will be sent for your evaluation.


Machine performance


By manufacturing products with new data collection and analysis methods, companies are able to obtain all the information relating to the performance of a plant and are thus able to perfect the quality of the final product.
By using accurate simulation models to improve systems planning and decision-making, followed by emulation trials that test the control system before installation, we are able to virtually test machine and system designs before incurring manufacturing.


Maintenance & Training


The possibilities that the new digital connections offer are innumerable. Thanks to the modern devices, it becomes possible to access the Digital Documentation related to a line or to an entire system, browse the interactive price list to order spare parts, train operators with certified and structured training.
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) become tools to support technical assistance for troubleshooting and training activities.

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