Client Testimonials

Once installed, both Cama machines provided several benefits to Nutresa Mexico. First of all, it should be emphasized the reliability of the equipment; next, its flexibility to include different formats; and, finally, this equipment is easy to operate and servicex. These are not the only positive figures underscored by the Nutresa Mexico manager about these machines. Its global efficiency measured with the Global Efficient Equipment has changed from a global efficiency of the line of 84% to 86%. Furthermore, the installation of these machines has enabled them a 14% increase of the line productivity

Carlos Toro, Operations Manager, Nutresa Mexico

In order to bring to the market a superior product we need superior technology to make it in the right way, and Cama plays a critical role in that. Cama have supplied us with many packing lines that enable us to deliver solutions for our customers and consumers. Cama is professional, ambitious, responsive, and very quick to help us. Their technology has a very high level of flexibility, ability, and quality which is applied to each of our packaging configurations

Giuseppe Casareto, CEO Caffitaly

This machine will allow us to optimize labor, greatly improve efficiencies, and increase volume without sacrificing quality

Jerry Coble, Director of Engineering, Outer Aisle

Cama case packers offer several advantages, including compact machines (fewer square feet used), ease of making several different formats and ease of operation and employee training

Émilie Allen, Vice President Projects & Logistics, Biscuits Leclerc

For secondary packaging we need maximum flexibility, this is why Cama is so good for us. Our production lines often work 24/7 and each day on each line we can change the product type up to six times – hence the reason for maximum flexibility in the packaging process. In addition to this flexibility, we also need traceability. We must have full connectivity, which Cama’s machines provide.

Antonello Ercole, Industrial Director ICAM

We researched the market and suppliers thoroughly using a decision matrix to narrow down a list of suppliers, who not only handled our packaging fomats, but also had extensive experience of the pet food market. There were plenty that ticked one box, but very few that ticked both. We quickly realised that the automation concept that we could create using Cama-shaped building blocks, would allow us to invest and automate in stages. Cama’s use of commercial parts was a massive plus too. I am very cautious of ending up in a marriage with companies that do not use open standards. The thought and technology behind Cama’s machines is really clever, but also very simple to use

Robert Vrinssen, Project Engineer PPF

When we tender for packaging machines we always ask a number of different companies. There are lots of discussions and lots of solutions. In this case, we got it down to two, but eventually felt that Cama’s machine layout and packaging solution was the best fit for our needs. There’s a good feeling about Cama as a company. We have a full-time project manager supported by some really good technicians, and it’s the same technical team all the time, there’s very little change. And, unlike other suppliers, the Cama sales team stuck with us the whole time, until the project was finalised, not just up until we signed the order

Gunnar Hallmann, Group Strategic Project Manager, C&D Foods

If you ask me why we chose Cama you only have to look at our packaging lines, where you will see the machines running without any stops for an entire shift. It is then that you appreciate what you have installed. Cama understands what we need and more importantly why we need it.
On behalf of the Gimoka team, we know we have made the right choice. Now what we are doing with Cama is starting projects from scratch rather than bringing them in halfway through or as a replacement. Gimoka was one of the first companies to produce capsules and was a pioneer in the business. It is my honest opinion that if we had chosen Cama at the beginning of our capsule journey, we would have been bigger than we are now.

Marco Padelli, Chief Global Business Officer Gimoka Group

Cama’s solutions are safe, intuitive, easy to use and operate and can provide greater product uniformity, as well as eliminate the risk of failures in final production process, the packaging process.

Vlamir Barriento Occupational Safety and Maintenance Manager at Marilan

One of the reasons we went with Cama was its experience and market knowhow. Cama ended up holding our hand throughout the entire process – from design through roll out and on to implementation. This was a huge comfort factor. With anything new; there’s always the fear that you don’t get what you ask for, but out of all of the various companies we approached, Cama actually got behind our needs – flexibility and reliability – which was so essential to us. Other companies wanted to talk technology, engineering and price, but in actual fact, our principal need was for someone to understand the flexibility we needed in production. Cama were the ones that listened properly and came back with a solution… not just a quote!

Andy Fawkes, Managing Director at Masteroast

We bought Cama because they give a fantastic Engineering Solution and are willing to look beyond problems and find solutions. They will manage the Project from start to finish removing the workload from the customer and ensuring the best possible experience for their customers. It was a very good all-round experience working with CAMA engineers.

Mr. Peter Gerrard – General Manager for C&D Pet Foods, Ireland

Reliability is one of the most critical factors when choosing new equipment. For me, Cama do not just sell equipment, they sell reliability.

Mr. Joe Daly – Engineering Manager for C&D Pet Foods, Ireland

En helados Alacant, elegimos Cama por la flexibilidad y sencillez que aporta a nuestra línea de producción de conos. La línea de Cama es cuidadosa con nuestros conos helados, ayudando de este modo a mantener la calidad de nuestros helados en el proceso productivo.

Mr. Gustavo Vilar – Director de operaciones para Helados Alacant, Espana

When I look to justify my investments in technology, I don’t consider the CAPEX as the defining factor, could I find machines that are cheaper? Probably. But would they offer me the same levels of quality, throughput and whole-life costs? Almost certainly not. You must look at performance as part of the sustainabil-ity equation. Being ‘green’ and being seen to be ‘green’ is not all about materials. It’s about over-all equipment effectiveness, maintenance costs, consumable consumption and a myriad of other factors that come into play when you consider the impact of a machine. Finally, as a family company, peace of mind and trust play a huge role too.

George Oostrom Coroos – Netherlands