BreakThrough generation

Future proof technology

With the BTG, Cama is moving a step forward in packaging system automation, renewing its extensive machines and robots portfolio by adding new features strongly demanded by the End Users looking for increased reliability and efficiency.

Cabinet Free

All machines are “cabinet free”, thanks to on board drivers, remote I/O, and electrical and pneumatic components stored into the machine’s frame. Reduced maintenance operations, easy accessibility all around the machine.

Visual Management

The BTG machines benefit from a very easy-to-follow visual machine management system, taking the user through the needed operations for each format change. In combination with the HMI notifications, coloured lights help identify the targets, minimizing the required time for any machine intervention.

High sanitation

The new Cama machines have no-hollowbody structures to meet the most demanding sanitary design requirements and quick cleaning operations.

Zero risks!

Safety first of all. Cama puts the operator’s safety first when designing a machine with no compromise. This is true for the Break-Through Generation: all Cama Machines are classified Cat. Pld3, which is one level higher than the standard required by law.