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Blind Story

Cama Group revolutionises secondary packaging at leading North American baked goods company

New machine, new boxes, smaller footprint, and greater flexibility.
Automated secondary packaging eclipses manual capabilities.

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Blind story

When a leading UK-based biscuit manufacturer needed new packaging technology it turned to Cama Group, with an eye on the global packaging machine company’s class-leading secondary packaging technology

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Deemah – Saudi Arabia

Mindset & approach are just as important as technology when it comes to dealing across global markets. Trust underpins so many relationships, which can then be reinforced with class-leading secondary packaging technology

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Marilan Alimentos – Brazil

10 Tips for selecting cartoning equipment

Marilan, Brazil’s second largest biscuit maker, gains operational efficiency with Cama packaging solutions.

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Cabrioni – Italy

Ultra-automated packaging line boosts productivity and turnover at Cabrioni

Cama Group helps Cabrioni meet demanding production goals thanks to the deployment of advanced packaging solutions. Fast changeover, higher throughput and positive delicate handling combine to complement high-quality products.

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