Cama solutions: engineered machines

For a class leading machine builder, such as Cama, aspects of Industry 4.0 provide an immense array of opportunities to not only create internal value, but also external value, which has a direct impact on its customers’ operations and bottom lines.

From a purely business perspective, Cama’s customers are looking for:

  • Higher throughput
  • Faster time to market
  • Shorter and less frequent downtime, and
  • Quicker changeovers between batches/products

But to achieve all of these, machine builders have to balance the capabilities of real-time digital systems with the physical demands placed on the mechanics within machines. Only with an intimate knowledge of application engineering and a real understanding of its own technology, can a machine builder hope to build the perfect synergy between the two. This is where Cama excels.

Cama splits its Industry 4.0 capabilities into four primary pillars:

  • Digital Twin & simulation, virtual commissioning
  • Digital Twin & augmented reality
  • Smart devices, connected machines and system integration
  • Edge computing, data analysis and connectivity

The next pillar, smart devices, connected machines and system integration, provide the real operational value for the customer.

By offering full connectivity from field level, through control, supervision and management levels, all the way up to the enterprise, seamless data flow allows companies to make instantaneous line-side decision and modifications, based on real-time operational data. Connectivity at device level is essential for this to happen.

Smart devices can help to:

  • Reduce machine stops for undetected anomalies
  • Reduce downtime for batch changeovers using RFID and tracking technology
  • Reduce human factor and serious consequences
  • Quickly identify machine failures or environment changes
  • Avoid setup or adjustment errors, and
  • Simplify change of damaged or defective devices

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