Sleever technology redeveloped for contemporary needs

Higher performance, maximum flexibility and smaller footprint address packaging’s most pressing needs across a wider array of wider markets

A two-year development program for a popular packaging solution has resulted in an upgraded range of sleever machines from leading global packaging technology company Cama Group.

There are three machines in the range, all offer better speed, simpler integration, a smaller footprint and significantly improved flexibility, thanks to a servo-based infrastructure and a digital architecture that will deliver seamless Industry 4.0 integration.

MP091 – Sleeving machines for complete folding sleeve bottom closing

There are multiple facets to the redevelopment of the machines. First is a new framework, which comprises a modular, scalable design that offers easy entry and access, optimised cable runs and hygienic features.

Second is the machines’ contemporary automation solutions, including advanced rotary and linear servo technology and robotics – to deliver the all-important flexibility and adaptability required by modern packaging operations. Robots also allows users to create multi-flavour configurations, insert gadgets or leaflets and formulate multiple stacks without the need for large-scale format changes.

Finally, modifications to the starwheel, the phasing device, the rotary feeder and the stacking device have resulted in solutions that are all smaller than the technology they replace, which has resulted in a machine that is overall smaller/shorter – an essential design cue, especially for plants within limited or premium real estate.

“The machines are easier to operate too,” explains Alessandro Rocca, Head of Sales Engineering at Cama. “Not only does the new design benefit from our simpler clamp-based format changeover – with single- to double-pitch conversions taking less than 20 minutes – but we have also lowered the blank magazine, making it far easier to load.

“We can also integrate case-packing,” Rocca adds. “Most of the time, the products go into trays, which is typical for dairy, and we have developed a case packer that is 100% integrated onto the sleeving machine, even removing the need for conveyors or other phasing units. The new designs also can also apply a stronger corrugated cardboard overwrap for larger product arrays.

MP106 – Sleeving machines for pass through and Wrap-Around sleeve top closing

Available in three variants depending on the complexity and requirements of the application, the new MP series – like other new variants in Cama’s extensive packaging technology range – will set the standard for the industry. Already in action at a leading global dairy company, the machines have proven their pedigree.

“We really do feel that we can now offer the complete package to all of our customers in all the industries we serve,” Rocca concludes. “With full Industry 4.0 compatibility, seamless robotic integration, multi-architecture control solutions and the services of our highly experienced packaging design team, we have customers returning time and again. And with extensive AR and VR capabilities – including completely immersive customer design reviews and flythroughs before a contract has even been signed – it’s not just our machine performance that makes us the first point of contact.”

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