Ultimate flexibility from industry proven top-loading secondary packaging machines

Fully digital control and packaging-industry-specific robotic technology define best practice in secondary packaging

Following enhancements to their existing highly digital infrastructure – including improvements to class-leading digital twin and virtualisation solutions – Cama Group’s top-loading secondary packaging technology is now even more capable of addressing the high-flexibility packaging requirements of a wider selection of industries.

Vision systems also play a critical role in the efficiency and flexibility of the packaging cycle. Cameras and vision solutions can be deployed in numerous roles including robot guidance, in-feed and out-feed quality control and traceability. The level of deployment and integration is balanced in relation to customer demands and the level of sophistication, capability and data capture required.
Tightly integrated vision systems are also an essential facet of any traceability system, such as those deployed in the pharmaceutical sector
We can offer this technology across all categories and markets.

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