Solidarity Christmas at Cama Group

For the Christmas festivities, CAMA Group has chosen to support the local communities, along with other initiatives, as part of a series of commitments that the company has been making for some time now, converting into donations all the funds intended for traditional gifts.

In such a dark period,” says Annalisa Bellante, CO-CEO CAMA Group, “we thought a lot about the need to give a sign of attention and concrete support to the territory, especially during the Christmas holidays. During the first wave of the pandemic we made a donation to the Lecco hospital, but on the occasion of the festivities we decided to create two new initiatives: The first one is focused on the local community and the second one has a broader scope, to which we have allocated all the funds normally associated with classic gifts”.

“We have tried to bring attention first and foremost to our area,” continues Annalisa Bellante, “supporting the Banco Solidarietà Alta Brianza Voluntary Association, which distributes meals to families in need: above all, we wanted everyone to be able to celebrate a more peaceful Christmas.

Secondly, CAMA has become a Corporate Golden Donor of FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

“Cama has made a donation to FAI because it cares about safeguarding Italy’s cultural heritage,” says Annalisa Bellante, “and to help revitalise the country by generating value for the environment and the community, and to support tourism.”

This second initiative is one of the projects arising from the company’s passion for art and its desire to support it, represented by the CAMART program, an idea created to encourage company employees to approach the world of art. Employees will receive free tickets to join FAI events, such as public openings of sites of artistic interest.

“We also wanted to involve all of our suppliers and customers in this decision, inviting them to donate to FAI any sums budgeted for Christmas gifts. Several of them have accepted our invitation and we are grateful for this,” concludes Annalisa Bellante, “because we are convinced that solidarity, not necessarily expressed through grand gestures, should not be lacking in such dark times.

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