Cama introduces Live FAT

Today Cama announces its Live Fat: a digital platform part of Cama’s Generation 4.0 initiative that monitors the status of equipment while offering technical assistance, augmented and virtual reality capabilities, and digital documentation applications.

The platform is part of Cama’s remote factory acceptance testing (FAT) initiative that involves providing customers with virtual solutions to meet their machine and packaging testing needs. The Live FAT takes the place of customers coming to Cama’s factory; Cama’s engineers can test the machinery with the customer witnessing all the tests via broadcast streaming.

The design of the platform works to support designers and test machine software in digital environments using virtual commissioning. The platform’s virtual mock-up is formulated to test ergonomics and improve interaction between operators and machines.

Additionally, Cama can include augmented reality for remote assistance.

“We are always fully active and in force, despite today’s uncertain environment, to support customers in the management of installed machines and in solving technical problems. The products developed as part of the Generation 4.0 initiative are helping us a lot and allow us to be able to confirm the timelines and deliveries of the machineries and ongoing projects” says Igor Zanotta, Cama After Sales Director.

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