Covid-19: Cama Group update

On 23th March the Head of Italian governement announced new counter-measures that will NOT impact all italian industries. Cama will NOT shut down. We are considered part of Food the main production chain so we can stay open.
Our production and assembly operations will run as normal.

We don’t foresee current or future potential impact on our business activity, including the execution of internal or external work. We are currently fully operative, across all 3 sites.
Our technicians working abroad will still be available to customers; and to deliver additional support and continuation of service we have reinforced our virtual & digital support; including 3D animation tools, virtual FAT, augmented reality and simulation.
Our staff is equipped with adequate personal protective equipment (antiseptic and disinfectant gels, disposable gloves and masks) and will follow the health standards established by the World Organization of Health and from the Ministry of Health.
Our commercial network is active and to minimize physical contacts, it also operates through digital mobility tools.

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