New Cama branch office at Waalwijk, The Netherlands

We are delighted to announce that Cama Group is opening a new branch office in The Netherlands.

The opening of new office demonstrates our commitment to client service and satisfaction. It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new location with the same quality as all other Cama branches.

Wim Kruikemeijer will be the area manager leading the branch:

“Wim Kruikemeijer joins Cama after working in the packaging industry for the past 24 years. Since 1996, Wim has been working in (secondary) packaging industry. Starting as Manager Service and Spares for a mayor Dutch manufacturer of secondary packaging systems. After a couple of years Wim changed jobs to a Global sales role for processing systems, in which he got acquainted with Pet Food Industry. Although the pet food sector was very appealing for him, the world of packaging systems was more interesting for Wim than processing systems, so he decided to change to a Global sales role in (secondary) packaging. In 2012, Wim started his own business as an agent in secondary packaging- and palletizing system. He started working with Cama as their agent for The Netherlands and now he has been appointed as Cama Northern Europe Area Manager “

Cama Northern Europe

Elzenweg 15
5144 MB Waalwijk
The Netherlands


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