Cama first 4000 mq of the new production area are running since October

As announced Cama will move in the new facility area in Molteno by end of 2020. The new Molteno area is around 35,000 square metres of property with more than 25,000 square metres used as production area and offices

First 4000 square meters are running now.


Cama Group has a cradle-to-grave sustainability programme, We don’t just look at our machines and how they operate, we look at the bigger picture, which includes everything from our premises to a product’s end of life.

Our new HQ in Italy boasts multiple energy-saving aspects, including intelligent lighting systems, advanced HVAC, glare & shading solutions and solar panels on the roof. We also deploy e-mobility solutions, which not only cut down pollution, but also give employees and visitors places to charge electric cars. An eco HQ and international certifications are certainly impressive features for a company brochure, but it is the ability to pass on sustainable concepts and procedures – in the shape of advanced machine designs – that play a bigger role. After all, it is the in-field operations that can potentially have the biggest impact.

Our customers are just as committed as we are, in this aspect. Indeed, a machine’s design and its subsequent operational life have huge roles to play in sustainability programmes.

Since 1981, Cama Group has been an international leader in the engineering and production of high technology secondary packaging systems. We offer complete integrated packaging lines – from primary packages to final packaging ready for palletising –serving the Food (Bakery, Confectionery, Coffee, Ice Cream, Dairy, Ready Meals, Grocery), Non-Food (Personal, Health & Home Care) and Pet Food industries.

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