A complete line for baby food cartoning and case packing with spoon insertion

The combination of Cama Vision Driven Robots and Cartoning Machine ensures the highest level of flexibility in terms of packing configurations. This line is capable of packing up to 140 bags/min in various configurations (flat or on edge loading), with spoon insertion into the carton, with subsequent loading of the carton into wrap-around display boxes. The use of a robot for loading the spoons, instead of traditional mechanical feeders, allows the customer to have a wider range of gadgets to place into the cartons, without the need of any changeover. A continuous motion cartoning machine ensures the smoothest product handling, combined with the safest carton loading. In addition, quick reliable and automated changeover was a key factor for the customer in making the investment, as the production has frequent changeovers and small production batches. The downstream Casepacker combines reliability and flexibility, being capable of packing cartons standing-up into shipping cases as well as into display boxes, single or double facing with different case counts, according to requirements. A common HMI design for all machines, single source for all the consumables and spare parts, support provided by Project Management and Packaging Development departments, ensures Cama is a reliable and responsible partner for complex turn-key projects. All equipment is compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements, ready to be connected with “Cama App Line Supervisor”, and to share production and efficiency data for continuous monitoring of the line performance.

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