Cama Group and the Break-Though Generation Machines at Anuga Food Tec 2015


Cama Group is known globally for the cutting edge technology and the reliability of its packaging systems. The packaging machines and the robotized lines, designed, manufactured and installed by the Italian company worldwide, can be used in food and non-food industry and cover the whole primary and secondary packaging processes, from the line entrance to the end-of-line packaging operations, before palletising.

The Italian Company is renowned for the Lean Design of its secondary packaging machines and robots. Cama engineers have been designing TPM compliant machinery for over 10 years. Operator safety is their primary consideration in designing machinery, with Accessibility and enhanced Sanitation procedures very important in own design criteria.
Besides that, an extensive preventive maintenance program helped in making Cama equipments synonym of efficiency and reliability. “This is not enough, if you want to be a leader you cannot enjoy your position, you have to go for a new challenge”, Daniele Bellante, Cama Managing Director, stated. That’s why Cama is now ready to take a breakthrough in the packaging business, proposing a new philosophy to conceive robots and machines, approaching the 6 Sigma philosophy. The Company invests every year at least 5% of its turnover in Research and Development, but it’s also open to cooperation in order to take advantage of important synergies, such as the close relationship with the Politecnico of Milan, the best Italian engineering University, or business partnerships with specialised and selected suppliers. “We invest a lot in R&D, but this is not enough: our core business is packaging machines & robots and we are very good in that, but if we want to excel and be able to go over the edge, we must mix our know-how with others expertise.” Riccardo Panepinto, Cama Operations Director, asserts. “Packaging Machines are just commodities, the Service is what makes the difference. Machines must be integrated in the End Users production chain.” This was the mantra that inspired the design of the Cama Break-Through Generation.

The Break-Through Generation Machinery that Cama exhibited at Anuga Food Tec included both cartoning and top load robotics. Such machinery is the result of a restyling that Cama Group started to reduce further its machines footprint, by integrating the electrical and pneumatic components control cabinets into the machine pedestals angles. Such a most compact machine footprint helps to minimize cabling and makes it easier to place the utility devices right where they are needed and accessible.

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