Cama Group at Emballage 2014 in Paris


Cama Group attended Emballage exhibition, showcasing its world best-selling machines including a new concept machine belonging to the BTG: the Break-Through Generation.
On stand in Paris, Cama revealed the new IF316, a Monoblock loading unit featuring the latest innovations recently introduced by Cama with its Break-Through Generation.
The most impressive features of this packaging system, integrating box forming, loading and closing all in one frame, is its extreme flexibility combined with an incredibly small footprint.
The use of a Cama Triaflex “Delta style robot” as a loading unit broadens the standard configurations usually feasible by Monoblock units equipped with 2 axis robots.
But the new IF 316 is not only more flexible, it’s also smaller. This compactness is possible because of the new forming unit which has an innovative cam system coupled with a brushless motor. This is accomplished due to the combination of the flat blank picker and the transporter, thereby using less space and improving the carton handling through an even more accurate positive handling.
The ergonomics and accessibility of the former have also been improved. The flat blank magazine has been lowered in order to facilitate the carton loading operation.
At the machine exit, the innovative box closing manipulator ensures quick and accurate closing while providing greater accessibility in the closing area as compared to standard Monoblocks featuring traditional flap closing systems.
Together with the Break-Through Generation machine, on show at Emballage on Cama’s stand Customers could enjoy the traditional FW749 Wrap-around Case Packer, operating in line with the CL151 Cartoning machine: both are world best sellers, highly appreciated for their flexibility and lean design.

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