Pouch Packaging: not only for beverage

Pet food – wet or dry-: Pouch packaging rules!
Pet food in pouches is soaring: whether wet or dry, there are numerous varieties of dog and cat food in flexible packaging. To maximize the impact on retail shelves, an alluring display box is essential to increase product appeal.
Choose your preferred display and then rely on Cama’s expertise to determine the best technical solution for pouches packaging. Whether it is a side loading cartoning machine, a wrap-around case packer or a top loading robot, we have the best solution to suit your needs. In the line highlighted within, thanks to a sophisticated artificial vision system, Cama robots are able to handle up to 600 pouches of pet food per minute in 4 different flavours and loading them mixed in the required variety within boxes.
The pouches arrive in plastic trays to the unloading stations, where vision driven Cama Delta robots pick and place them into three-flaps boxes (display boxes) previously formed by a triple head Cama forming machine. Subsequently, the boxes are closed, grouped and loaded into corrugated carton cases formed within the Cama wrap-around case packing machine.
This high efficiency turnkey project once again proves Cama’s capability to match Pet food Industry expectations.

  • Single or double facing display through Cartoning Machine
  • Single facing standing pouches through Wrap-around
  • Single facing standing pouches through Top-loading System

Standing or flat? That’s not an issue
Pouches packaging are quite often packed and displayed standing in RRP cases. However, sometimes, in order to reduce both material and transport costs, it is preferable to load shipping cases with a larger number of pouches, loaded flat often interleaved.
So, how do customers handle two different loading patterns (standing and flat) in two different boxes (display and RSC)?
No need of 2 different machines!
Thanks to our continuous investments in R&D, we developed an extensive range of packaging machines and robots that are integrated to provide versatile solutions. Forget about interface problems between machine and robot: as we are manufacturing both of them and both are running with the same software, we provide perfectly tuned system, without any communication problems.
Quick and easy format change procedures sustain the packaging line efficiency and profitability.
Pouches standing or flat is not an issue: just choose your preferred recipe and then let the Cama monoblock unit do the rest, giving you perfectly shaped boxes and displays ready to catch customers’ eyes on the shelves!

  • Wrap-around Case Packer
  • Monoblock Loading Unit

Over the last years, the non-food market discovered the advantage of pouches for many products, such as shampoo, detergents, deodorants and dishwashing tablets.
This trend is driven by the clear functional benefits of pouches.
First of all, pouches reduce the transport cost, because more quantity of product can be stored in the same volume. Furthermore, the reduced usage of plastic for containers makes the primary packaging more environmental friendly. Last but not least, consumers like these flexible packs, as they provide ergonomical shapes that facilitate product usage.
One of the latest Cama applications for the non-food market is this highly versatile monoblock unit used to load deodorant in pouches into tri-seal boxes, providing box forming, robotic top loading and box closing in a compact footprint

Not always the old soup
In the demanding ready meals market, Cama recently installed a new concept of wrap-around machine, conceived to pack different recipes of dried soups and pasta in pouch packaging.
The customer was seeking an extremely flexible solution to pack multiple formats of bags produced on a twin production line into wide variety of boxes. Cama’s engineers proposed an evolution of our well known FW wrap-around case packer, suitable to receive and load the bags in the required standing position from 2 parallel lines. The products are grouped and alternately loaded in the wrap-around case, formed from flat blank within the Cama machine.
The loading unit is designed to ensure the bags are standing within the case, always granting perfect product positioning in the boxes for a desirable look on the supermarkets shelves.

Let’s have a drink!
When it comes to pouches packaging, it’s obvious to think about beverage, which was one of the first industries to take advantage of this innovative packaging style.
Juices, sport drinks, baby food, RTD yogurt… for all of them we have a variety of solutions responding to different packaging requirements.
These solutions include compact and cost effective high speed cartoning machines for flat board display boxes as well as top loading systems when flexibility is needed and there is the request for interleaving pouches.
Thanks to our experience and know-how, we are able to design tailor made turnkey solutions similar to the multi-flavour line in the picture below where vision guided robots are selecting the right flavour and loading the pouches into the infeed belt of a cartoning machine. After the display boxes are closed, they are rotated into the correct position and loaded into shipping cases erected from flat blanks by our wrap-around case packer.

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