Bakery Packaging: meeting the challenge

Cama Group has proven technical know-how in the “bakery” sector, with hundreds of successful applications for bakery packaging. One of our latest installations has been for a prestigious multinational company, known and admired in this sector for its famous brands. This project consolidates the trend of delivering efficient plants to customers having an extremely competent and demanding internal Engineering Department. The secondary packaging line supplied by Cama for trays containing flow-wrapped sponge cakes and biscuits includes an electronic double head forming machines, a robotic loading unit and a lidding machine for display-box packaging purpose. Due to its flexibility, the same line can pack different products in various configurations at a max speed of 420 products/minute.

Unrivalled solution
Monoblock loading unit to pack flow-wrapped round biscuits in a Shelf Ready Pack (tray and 4-sides lid) in various configurations at a max speed of 350 products/minute. This particularly “compact” system is made up of a box forming machine, a 2-axis robot and a lidding machine all included in a monoblock modular system. In this application the control of both products and boxes is always “positive”, ensuring correct positioning during the various operational phases and guaranteeing a high system reliability.


Bakery packaging supplies: Efficency as a standard
Thanks to its vast experience in high-technology “turn-key” plants for the bakery packaging sector, Cama has won an important new client, a large multinational market leader. The line, engineered according to specific needs outlined by the customer for packaging “cracottes”, is made up of a latest generation Delta TRIAFLEX robot, an electronic continuous flow cartoning machine and a display-box case packer.
The products are discharged from a flowpackmachine at the speed of 160 cpm, and are picked up two at a time and loaded “line tracking” into the electronic cartoning machine infeed. Then they are packed in a carton, and finally inserted into a display-box case in one of several different configurations.
Cama’s ability to simultaneously manage three different secondary packaging technologies (robotics, cartoning and case packing) guarantees several advantagesfor the final customer. The most important are certainly the fact that clients have only one supplier company to work with, and also uniformity in the mechanical and electronic components to optimise line costs in terms of spare parts and training client personnel. Furthermore, Cama, as a single provider, always assigns a Project Manager to the customer to handle the management of the entire line.

Biscuits Packaging: rigid containers for biscuits
This line, engineered for a leading multinational customer, can pack up to 200 biscuit cups/minute into lidded trays in various configurations. Cama has supplied an automatic system, composed of a 2-axis robot and an electronic lidding machine (chimney principle). High system reliability and limited footprint, combined with clean design and advanced and easily accessible operator’s interface did convince the customer to purchase this line from Cama.


Bakery Packaging: Flexible solutions for “wafers”
Thanks to its specialised know-how in the biscuits packaging sector, combined to its wide and unique range of packaging machines, Cama has once more realised winning solutions and technologically advanced plants to satisfy the requirements of its most demanding clientele.
650 flow-wraps/minute arriving on two lanes are packed into display cases. Gentle handling guarantees the integrity of an extremely fragile product. Cama, unique supplier of high performance secondary packaging solutions, has supplied a line composed of a forming machine, a loading unit with direct interface with the upstream processing equipment and a closing machine.

Bakery packaging: To each his own!
The FW750 display box packing machine is the last born in the FW series and is capable of mechanising all types of tray-and-lid packages up to a maximum speed of 10 cases/minute. The new model includes the same technical features of the 749 series, redesigned in a more compact and cost competitive machine, suitable for medium production speeds (often with one case size only) and limited footprint, however ensuring extreme flexibility. Notwithstanding the compact dimensions and the medium production speed of the case packer, the quality of the machine remains outstanding, with electronic controls, independent servomotor drives and user’s friendly operator’s panel where all electronic phases and working parameters can be easily set.


A “turn key” system
Packaging line for flow-wrapped sponge cakes, composed of a Cama Triaflex robot and an SPS (PFM Group) horizontal flow-wrapper.
The “Triaflex” Delta robot, the latest successful innovation of Cama Robotic Division, represents another step forward in the technological evolution of Cama “custom made” robots.
300 products/minute, arriving from a flow-wrapper, are suitably phased and handled by the Triaflex robot in a configuration of 2 to 7 products per multipack.
Among the important features of this application, it is worth mentioning the flexibility of various product configurations combined to quick change-over.


Side loading Novelty
The CAMA winning solution in this application is an electronic horizontal cartoning machine, with a fair ratio between quality and price if compared to the more traditional top load solutions. Thermoformed trays containing chocolate coated biscuits are introduced into cartons at a speed of 140 products/minute. An ideal solution in bakery packaging and biscuits packaging sector.
Reduced footprint, high production speed, simplicity of use, easy size change-over, complete vision of the mechanical parts and of the product and ample accessibility for the operator are the main features of this CAMA cartoning machine model .

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