Chocolate Packaging: flexible solutions

Systems Integration: Flexible Compact Packaging Line
One recently installed complete line for mini chocolate tablets is a clear example of Cama’s capability to engineer a complete turnkey system involving more than one supplier. The line for chocolate packaging is composed by two twin legs with a complete line capable of handling 1500 ppm. Each leg includes: a high speed horizontal flow wrap machine from SPS running up to 750 ppm, a star wheel product turning device, a Cama tray forming machine, combined with a 2 axis robot for the top loading of the mini chocolate tablets. The two legs are then merged and the cartons are closed by a common Cama “chimney” lidding machine. The star wheel used to change the products orientation is a result of Cama and SPS joint co-operation, where both companies’ engineering teams worked together to develop the high speed turning system. Prior to the loading of the chocolate tablets on edge, there is the possibility to bundle the tablets together with an upper and lower sticker placed by a fully integrated labelling machine which is part of the Cama structure and not a standing alone piece of equipment. Thanks to the high level of integration the changeover operations are lean and quickly executed.


Small & compact: perfect Top Loading Monoblock

What about a monoblock loading unit composed with box forming machine, Delta robot for pick & place and robotic closing unit all housed within 3×2 meters?
Such a complete compact solution can handle up to 500 incoming products per minute with an output of 30 cartons/cases a minute is ideal for chocolate packaging. With high flexibility in terms of its loading patterns, it can handle chocolate bars and tablets on edge or flat whilst forming “CDU” carton display units or cases for safe and stable shipping. The IF316 is the latest addition within the Cama Break-Through Generation, a new concept of secondary packaging systems developed by Cama to match the demanding requests of a market continuously evolving. Cama gives you the opportunity to choose from standard PLC machines or to go for the new PLC-less technology which helps in reducing the footprint further. Cama’s IF316 is the smallest compact end of line solution, combining accessibility and ergonomics for the top loading of your confectionery products without compromising on speed and efficiency. The new IF316 footprint is 40% smaller than a usual monoblock solution.


Hard or soft: get the right display
Whether you have hard tablets or soft bags and pouches containing snack bites or candies, the Cama wrap-around case packer is the best way to load them in a display box. Cama’s positive product handling guarantees maximum care during the collation and loading process so that even fragile and shaped products are gently handled by the wrap-around machine. The highly versatile Cama FW series enables you to form a tray, 2-piece “SRP” shelf ready pack, full wrap-around or economy style case: all in one machine, with easy, tool-less format change.


No embarassment on naked chocolate
Chocolate packaging: it’s a matter of hygiene, product care and accuracy. As usual, Cama responds to all the criteria with state of the art technology. This time we have gone a further step forward, proposing a clear advantage for the pick & placing of naked products in terms of lean design. 12 Delta type robots, RB588 model, are integrated in a single loading cell. The robots are positioned 6 by 6 in two parallel lanes, picking up naked products from the common transport conveyor sharing the same working area. Thanks to Cama’s patented anti-collision system, each robot knows its own position and that of the other robots therefore avoiding any conflict in the picking and placing movement. The picked products are then placed into cartons or trays which move in the same direction as the products. Cama Software Specialists have developed accurate software based on a co-flow principle which ensures that the cartons or trays move at the required speed to load all the “good” products available. This co-flow technology guarantees that each carton or tray is completed filled with no missing product. One single artificial vision system is driving all the 12 robots. The Co-Flow principle designed by Cama is the fastest way straight to efficiency for a perfect chocolate packaging solution.


What a mix without the mess!
Market forces are demanding more variety packs and mixed flavoured selling units. That’s easy, at least if you chose the right technology. Cama developed a new system to go beyond the standard boundaries in term of mixing variety packs. We are not just combining different flavours, in certain projects we are mixing up different product formats too. Thanks to the combination of Cama robots and machines, the corrugated board boxes can contain several different configurations of bars, bags, pouches and cartons. An additional benefit is the contribution of Cama’s Packaging Department in this project development. The Packaging Engineering team proposed to substitute the previously used plastic handle with a one piece box with carton handle. The new packaging less expensive, while being stronger and more environmentally friendly and shows Cama’s commitment to working with their suppliers. This variety pack line is a good example of the scope of services offered by Cama: we are not just a machine supplier, but a valuable partner to assist you with all your product and packaging solution needs.


Flexible Pitchless Cartoner for all
Cama’s CL175 cartoner is the perfect solution for the side loading of chocolate bars and tablets, if you are looking for flexibility in terms of speed, products collation and carton formats. This Cama Break-Through Generation machine is coupled with an innovative magnetic product carrier system which makes the side loading free from any link with the products pitch. By clever design, the product carriers are adjusted via HMI according to the width of product, or group of products you need to put into the carton. Thanks to this, the cartoning machine can work in an intermittent or continuous motion mode making it possible to work with several different grouping patterns. Without getting to technical, with this application you are free to change the quantity of products inside the carton, from a 6 to a 13 count display almost immediately. The machine is cabinet free and thanks to a clear visual management scheme and step by step procedures monitored by the HMI, it is easy for the end line operator to carry out routine cleaning and maintenance procedures. An example of what you can do with this application: product through put of 600 bars per minute, loaded 3 pieces on 2 layers, for an output of 100 cartons a minute. Cama’s CL175 is not just a cartoner, it’s a complete packaging system, an ideal solution for all types of chocolate packaging.


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