Date: 26 Mag 2014
Cat: Turnkey Systems

Packaging Line for ice cream sticks

Gentle top loading into cartons

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Robots & Machines allied for efficiency

Nowadays, robots are frequently used in the secondary packaging business often working in combination with packaging machines. In order to achieve the best results in terms of performance and efficiency, it is essential that the different modules work seamlessly together, with perfect communication exchange, the same working philosophy and identical architecture of both machines and robots. To say it simply: one sole supplier is important to give you the best trouble-free solution.
The solution is Cama, offering to the Ice Cream industry state of the art secondary packaging lines where robots and machines work together like clockwork.
The picture below is a typical example of a top loading line to pack Ice Cream Sticks into cartons.
The line is handling up to 500 products per minute coming from a 14-lane flow wrapper, cross-transferring products on to two lanes, and conveying the product to the loading unit with the products traveling broad side leading.
Products on each lane are fed by phasing conveyors and then introduced in-line into a twin vertical race track system equipped with pockets, each pocket receiving one product. The in-line feeding system ensures no shock to the products, thus guaranteeing gentle handling and no damage to the products themselves.
Each pocket is moved intermittently at each loading pitch until a preset train of products is obtained to be transferred to the loading station.
The grouped products are then collected by a two-axis robot by means of a pick-up head and loaded inside the cartons which are oriented on a phasing conveyor.
An automatic forming machine erects the cartons from flat blanks of corrugated or paperboard and then conveys the cartons to the loading unit.
After being loaded, the cartons are automatically closed by a Cama automatic closing machine.

Gentle handling of ice cream sticks is a must. Imagine taking out a broken stick for your child! Whether enrobed or not, it is important to handle them with great care while packaging, in order to avoid damage. Cama has the right solution.