Leading technology for coffee: non air-tight coffee capsules

coffee capsules system

Cama group is leading technology in coffee sector with non air-tight capsules.
For non air-tight capsules, the Italian Company recently proposed a compact Monoblock packing system that, starting from flat cartons, creates eyes-catching and useful “flip-top” re-closable displays, each containing 10 singly flow-packed capsules.

This highly efficient system is handling up to 500 cups/minute, arriving from 4 upstream flow-wrappers. Merged into 2 parallel lines, the capsules are received and indexed by the Cama IF monoblock and then top loaded, well ordered in a 5×2 configuration, by a Cama 2 axis robot. The robotic closing device makes a perfectly squared box that, once opened, could be reclosed.

Cama, as often, provided also the tertiary packaging: displays coming from the monoblock are collected and loaded in a 2 pieces (tray+lid) corrugated carton case suitable for transportation by a FW wrap-around Machine.

A step forward in the coffee capsule system.

coffee capsules


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