Cama World-Premiere at Interpack 2014



A great success at Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf for Cama Group, who presented its new Break-Through Generation (BTG) Secondary Packaging Systems, result of years of continuous Research & Development.

On the robotics side, Cama has shown a new state of the art loading unit, where 12 Delta type robots work together in a compact framework, according to a patented fulfil co-flow loading principle. Another key-feature of the Cama proposal is the reduced footprint of such highly efficient and reliable line, which can allocate 12 Delta robots in just 5 mt. length, thanks to the patented anti collision software, which enables the robots to work very close to each other, sharing the same picking area without interfering.

In Düsseldorf Cama also showed a new Side Loading concept, identified as CL 175, offering, according to Cama engineers, the maximum of flexibility. According to Cama, the system gives an answer to those who are looking for a machine which is able to work with different speeds, different product sizes and different, sometimes with important variations, carton dimensions. This is not simply a new Cartoner, but it’s a complete system which could be alternative to a Cartoner and a Top Loading unit.

The new BTG CL system was in line with a SPS (PFM Group) primary packaging unit, featuring a new high speed Star-Wheel system, developed thanks to the fruitful and consolidated partnership with
with SPS, allowing to provide High Speed Turnkey solutions to their demanding Customers.

On stand it was also possible, together with the Break-Through Generation machines, to appreciate the traditional Wrap-around case packer: a world best seller, highly appreciated for its flexibility and lean design.

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