Cama at Ipack-ima 2015 in Milan: the new break-through generation secondary packaging system, with co-flow loading and anti collision patented softwares


Cama Group showed in Milan its new Break-Through Generation (BTG) Secondary Packaging Systems, result of years of continuous Research & Development. The Break-Through Generation Machinery shown at Ipack-Ima includes both side loading and top loading robotics.

IG270, compact Robotic Top Loading Unit with 12 Delta Robots, with Co-Flow Loading and Anti-Collision patented Systems.
On show on Cama stand, a robotic loading unit, equipped with product grouping devices, package phasing conveyors and pick-up heads, that has been designed according to the specifications and features of the customer’s product.
It’s a new state of the art loading unit, where 12 Delta vision driven robots work together in a compact framework, according to a patented boxes and trays fulfillment system, functioning in a co-flow loading pick and place principle. Another key-feature of the Cama proposal is the reduced footprint of such efficient and flexible line, which allows to stick 12 Delta robots in just 5×2 meters via a patented anti-collision software solution, enabling robots to work next to one another without any interference. One single artificial camera drives all the 12 robots.
The combination of high performance and excellent reliability makes Cama’s robotic units extremely suitable to be integrated into complete production lines for both food and non-food applications.

CL175, A New Side Loading Concept part of the Break-Through Generation
A new Side Loading concept was engineered in Cama to offer the maximum flexibility and efficiency. According to Cama, the System meets expectations of those customers looking for a solution able to work with different speeds, product sizes and at times relevant product variations and carton dimensions. This is not simply a New Cartoner, but a COMPLETE SYSTEM which could be an alternative to a Cartoner and a Top Loading Unit.

The new BTG CL system was in line with a SPS (PFM Group) primary packaging unit, featuring a new high speed Star-Wheel system, developed thanks to the fruitful and consolidated partnership with
with SPS, allowing to provide High Speed Turn-key solutions to their demanding Customers.

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