Cama Group, a winning formula even beyond business

In terms of industrial development, Cama Group, a leading company based in the Lecco area that specialises in the production of secondary packaging lines for medium and large food industry groups, once again confirms double-digit growth recorded during the past two years.

Steady pursuit of its business plan goals and ongoing investments in technological innovation, along with a team of highly skilled and specially selected professionals has made Cama a key actor on the international scene of packaging system producers in recent years.

Indeed, the company is Italy’s pride for packaging technology and especially the pride of Brianza with satellite industries opening nearby and encouraging the development of internationally recognised skills. As a matter of fact, corporate exports of packaging systems worldwide account for over 95% of its turnover.

The same passion for their work and persistent goal-orientation recently led to the owners of Cama (Annalisa and Daniele Bellante) creating a sports division called Cama Racing Team that features road cycling and MTB divisions.

And by applying the company’s same successful formula with persistence and training, results did not take long to manifest with the Cama Racing Team’s Victory at the recent Medio fondo Fabio Casartelli, which was held on Sunday, 17 July in Albese Con Cassano in memory of the late young champion. In its second year at the event, the CAMA team dominated the team charts with 40 athletes crossing the finish line in Albese. And, only last year they won 5th place.

This proves that organisation, determination and perseverance always creates winners both in business and sport!


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