Cama Group: Steady growing during the last 10 years. A not ordinary goal

Cama Group announces that they reached their 2015 development goals, closing the year with a group turnover of around 75 million euro and a well-fed backlog for 2016.

Entrepreneurs Annalisa and Daniele Bellante, Cama Group leaders, underline that we are attaining a steady growth, not gained through acquisitions, but through Quality growth, seen both from technical product advancements (the new BTG – Break-Through Generation Systems were recently launched in the market) and from an analysis of economic indicators, as evidenced by Cama’s balance sheet.

Cama has experienced steady growth over the past ten years (from 2005 up to 2015), from a turnover of 23 million euro reached 75 million, with an average annual growth rate of 12%, and an overall increase of approximately 226%, thanks to strategic investments on new technologies and on new markets development.

Among the last group satellite companies, we see Cama China and Cama Australia; regarding the North American branch, a strong development plan has already been implemented.

“We’re heading to 100 million turnover in 2019” – Annalisa Bellante explains – and to reach this challenging target we prearranged years ago a detailed corporate business plan”.

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