Cama Racing Team: Innovation not only in Packaging Systems












CAMA Group is a leading producer of automatic cardboard packaging systems. Its owners, the brother and sister team of Daniele and Annalisa Bellante, launched its sports division in 2014. The Cama Group Sports Amateur Association promotes TEAM BUILDING for its employees outside the work environments.

Solid business performance, underpinning a love for sport and, above all, shared corporate values were the key to the rapid development of a modern, dynamic, well organised club. The club reflects its members’ needs and consistently promotes high quality, ethical and organisational standards.

The club is involved in wide range of sports disciplines, but road and off-road cycling stand out, as they are practised at different levels by many enthusiasts within the company. This led to the creation of the CAMA Racing Team.

The Cama Group’s Founder Paolo Bellante died prematurely in 2003. He sought to channel his own passion and enthusiasm into sport, using the company’s organisational experience in the sporting community to benefit a range of disciplines.

Driven by the “sports addiction” deep in their DNA, his children continued their father’s work, passing on the acquired values of organisation, dedication and commitment, actively participating in sport teams.

The Cama Racing Team motto is: NON SEMEL VICTOR SED SEMPRE PRIMUS, which means “Not always winners, but always first!” The important thing is to challenge yourself, regardless of your athletic ability. Everyone is fully committed, oriented to his or her goals.


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