Rockwell awards CAMA for Innovation in Packaging

Keith Nosbusch (Rockwell Automation Chairman & CEO) visited Automation Fair and awarded CAMA GROUP for “Innovation in Packaging”: the machine displayed, called CL175, was engineered and manufactured by Cama.

The CL175 machine, a brilliant example of the Cama Break-Through Generation systems, clearly highlights that the combination of the Rockwell iTrack with a side loading principle brought to a great evolution in packaging automation: the CL175 engineered by Cama is a “pitchless” cartoner.

Thanks to the flexibility given by the electronic carton carriers, independently moving on the iTrack, the loading unit is not bonded to the box’s pitch.

This means:

–        Wide variety of different boxes can be handled by the system.
–        Every format can run at its maximum speed.
–        Quick and easy automatic format change.


Rockwell Automation Fair site

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