Secondary packaging lines for Country Chef Desserts

Secondary Pacakging Lines

Australian company Country Chef Desserts chose Cama IF316 (Cama Secondary Packaging Lines) to package banana bread slices in a variety of packaging formats

The Italian company designs and develops packaging machines and robotic systems for use in food and nonfood industries, and covers the whole primary and secondary packaging processes, from the line entrance, to the end-of-line packaging operations, before palletising.

Cama’s IF316 is a compact machine, which includes a compact former, a loading system with delta robot (RB590), and a closing system with a two interpolated axis robot (MN530) incorporating a specific lidding tool. The machine is set up for the secondary packaging of flow-packed snack bars, but it can be adapted to pack other kinds of products, and can be easily integrated in a packaging line just before the palletising station.

“We have a customer in Australia,” Cama Group Sales Director Giorgio Coreggioli explains, “called Country Chef Desserts, who will be using an IF316 to package banana bread slices in a variety of packaging formats. The company recently upgraded its slicing and flow wrap machines and needed an advanced end-of-line packaging solution to exploit and leverage the new efficiency and speed gains. Replacing a labour-intensive manual operation with a machine like the IF316 ultimately provides small businesses with much greater efficiencies and, in this case, allows Country Chef Desserts to compete more readily on a national level, supplying the biggest retailers.”
The IF316 has been built by Cama according to its new cabinet-free design concept, offering a reduced footprint by integrating the electrical and pneumatic components control cabinets into the machine pedestals angles. Such compactness helps to minimize cabling and makes it easier to place the utility devices right where they are needed, with further benefits in terms of accessibility for maintenance tasks.
In operation a carton blank is picked from a magazine and is positioned in the forming station by a single-motor Kinematic system (standard systems usually have two). Once the box is formed, it is placed on a positive conveyor belt, which is synchronized with the product-loading and box-closing phases. A delta robot (RB590), with a suction head, then picks the products from the multiple-pocket conveyor and places them into a single box. Once the loading phase is completed, the box is moved to the closing station, where a two-interpolated-axis robot (MN530) translates and closes it (pressing the glue).
The automation system on the IF316 has been designed and built using Rockwell Automation components.


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