Biscuits Packaging: Italian orchestra for “Allegro”

Biscuits Packaging Machine

Biscuits packaging meets biscuits production.

When production runs fast, it’s essential that all the players follow the rhythm, keeping the same beat. Combined experience of CAMA & SPS in providing turnkey systems has lead to high capacity and efficient lines that comply with the requirements of the most demanding world leading biscuit manufacturers creating harmony within their production facilities.
One proposed line (biscuits packaging machine) has successfully been installed in a major biscuit manufacturer in China where both SPS & CAMA have subsidiaries, enabling them to count on the benefits of local personnel who have been trained in Italy to carry out the installation, training and after sales support.
The complete system comprises of an innovative SPS designed dribbleboard, gentle action feed conveyors and vibrating channels delivering lanes of biscuits into a volumetric portioning loader that discharge slugs of biscuits into a 90° flight bar chain conveyor, with the slugs subsequently flow wrapped by 4 SPS machines BOE Modulo wrappers.
After quality control, the flow wrapped slugs arrive on four separate conveyors and are merged into 2 lanes with each lane ending on a vertical race track conveyor of a CAMA continuous motion cartoning machines. Each Cama machine is operating up to 325 cartons per minute, for a total output of 650 cartons per minute. The packaging biscuits line is completed by a Cama top loading unit where a 2 axis robot is loading RCS cases previously formed by an automatic Cama case erector and subsequently closed by an automatic Cama case sealing machine. The corrugated cases can be loaded with either solid board cartons coming from the upstream equipment or with the flow wrapped slugs that by-pass the secondary cartoning machines.
This solution gives great versatility to the end user enabling one single packaging system to load shipping cases directly with flow wrapped products or with premium price biscuits coming in high presentation preglued carton.
SPS & CAMA have supplied many biscuits lines all over the world and are renowned suppliers, not only for the efficiency of supply, but also for the hygienic design of equipment which is conceived for its quick cleaning process. This hard duty line, which has to operate 24/7, takes advantage of a detailed and easy to carry out preventive maintenance program with step by step procedures displayed directly on the HMI.
As usual, Cama supplies state of the art packaging technology to facilitate the line operator’s job keeping the efficiency at the highest level.

Biscuits Packaging


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