Wafer Packaging Line: systems integration

Wafer Packaging Machine

Systems integration for flexible, compact wafer packaging line.

Besides reduced footprint and flexibility, the end user benefits from an easy format change with minimal operator supervision thanks to the high level of cooperation between Cama and its Selected Partners.
Like a good sandwich wafer is a perfect match between chocolate and waffle, a high performing end of line requires perfect synchronization between all machinery incorporated within the project.
A recently installed complete wafer packaging line is another clear example of CAMA-SPS synergy: with the two companies proving again their capabilities to provide a perfectly integrated packaging system.

The line is composed of two identical legs, each one comprising of a SPS high speed flow wrap machine running up to 650 ppm, a star wheel product turning device, Cama tray forming machine and a 2 axis robot for top loading the flow wrapped wafers. The two leg system ends in a common “chimney” style lidding machine.

The starwheel used to change the products orientation is the result of Cama and SPS cooperation: the two companies engineering teams working jointly together to develop this system.
The Cama-SPS Starwheel is provided with “intelligent” pickers, each one servo-controlled in order to couple the turning motion with the moving belts speed, whilst gently moving up and down to release the products softly. After being turned of 90 degrees, the flow wrapped wafers arrive to the Cama vertical race track which collects them on edge and groups them.

Depending on the required wafer packaging format, once the products are on edge there is the possibility to bundle them together with an upper and/or lower label placed by a fully integrated labelling machine. This equipment is conceived as part of the Cama structure and not as a stand-alone machine. Thanks to the high level of integration the changeover operations are lean and of quick execution.
Once more, Cama proved its capability to team up with another supplier in order to provide the end users with efficient and reliable integrated systems.

In a further step, the Cama forming machine is erecting the carton trays which are positively transferred to the loading area, where the Cama two-axis robot is picking up the flow wrapped wafers on edge (whether with label or not) and placing them into the carton trays.
Once the trays are loaded they go through a quality inspection: in case the tray is not complete, an operator can include a missing product without stopping the production line flow.
The filled trays from each of the two lines are then transferred to a lifting station, merged into a single lane and carried to a single closing station where a chimney style lidding machine applies the top cover to complete the 2 pieces display box.

The wafer packaging line handles a total of 1300 flow wrapped products per minute with an output of 25 boxes a minute by the supervision of only one operator.

Wakfer Packaging Line

Wafer Packaging

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