Pet Food Packaging

Man’s Best Friend
People are very selective about what they feed their pets with and the manufacturers of this food are just as selective about the pet food packaging machinery they choose. This is why Cama was chosen to supply the latest of many lines in this important market sector. The heart of the pet food packaging line is the twin robot loading station, which receives glue erected display cartons from a twin head erector via a buffering conveyor.
The cartons are carried in a controlled manner so that the first robot can insert a plastic tray into the carton. The trays, picked from a triple head magazine, act as support for the collation of pet food packs. The sealed plastic packs are delivered to the line at a rate of 600 per minute, distributed over two lanes at 300 per minute each. Special gripper type pick up heads allow the packs to be lifted and placed edge on into the carton. Various collations are possible with simply replaced change parts.
Filled cartons are then closed by a Cama three flap closing machine before being delivered to a wrap-around case packer.

Password: Simplicity and reliability
The CAMA case packers are engineered and realised to meet the key requirements of line operators: simplicity of use and reliability. Such are the main basic features of the CAMA case packers, capable of mechanising display cases with 2- or 4-sides lids (either internal or external) up to 30 cases/minute. A typical example is this high performance application in the pet food packaging sector, where 150 cartons/minute are loaded in upright position into display box cases, composed of base tray and lid. The machine flexibility allows a base module to be combined with various lidding features and types, engineered in relation to required the packaging styles and speeds. Not with standing the various types of lidding systems, it is important to notice that the case packer is always “single-facing”, i.e. the tray and lid blank magazines are always located at the two ends of the machine, thus ensuring complete accessibility and total visibility of the entire working process in all stations.

Customised Solutions
Cama, through a complete technical analysis, in conjunction with a world-class customer in the bakery sector, has managed to satisfy such high expectations. Thanks to the continuous improvement of its Robotic Division, Cama has perfected this packaging system with a “state-of-the-art” double Delta “Triaflex” robot. The product (cereal bars), arriving at 650 per minute, are loaded on edge and flat in an electronic cartoning machine by two Cama robots. After which they are packed in cartons at 170 ppm.
Packaging line for cereal bars

Not just robots!
In this specific end-loading solution, Cama is not presenting a “traditional” robotic top load line, but rather a high-performing system comprised of an electronic cartoning machine and a case -packer to handle flow-packed pet foods. A leading multinational customer in pet-foods has chosen Cama to system design a packaging line for dog-chews in flat and on edge configuration (with speeds up to 170 ppm). First a flat multi-layer package is created in a display-box and directly sent to the palletizer, through a special by-pass conveyor system. The second one in an on edge-multipack carton in RSC American cases through the Cama case packer . This technical solution allows high-flexibility as a top loading application for customer needs. As well as providing additional advantages in competitive quotation, reduced foot-print and user friendly operations.
Packaging line for pet-food

Performance first!
Cama have developed and continuously improved its range of sleeving machines dedicated to high speed packaging of cans. This system has been designed to sleeve pack pet food cans and ensures a high degree of flexibility in terms of board materials, gentle handling of the product and high production speed on both single and double lane. In this specific application, the Cama sleeving machine is capable of packing 1.000 cans/minute of different sizes in a 1×2 or 1×3 configuration, with pre-arrangement for possible twin lane configuration.
High speed electronic sleeving machine

Complete packaging lines for dry pet-food

Cama have a proven technical know-how for packaging of “pillow” or “doy pack” bags containing dry pet food. In the last few years Cama successfully supplied various complete lines to multinationals of this sector. Bags from 450g to 1.5kg are loaded into cases or boxes erected by a forming machine and then closed by high speed closing machine. The production speed varies from 90/minute for the 450g bag to 60/minute for the 1.5kg bag.
The packaging systems have been designed to meet the customer’s requirements of a pet food packaging flexible solution, so that with the same line it is possible to load bags either in a flat or in a stand up configuration.

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