Ice Cream Packaging System

Nowadays, robots are frequently used in the ice-cream packaging business often working in combination with packaging machines. In order to achieve the best results in terms of performance and efficiency, it is essential that the different modules work seamlessly together, with perfect communication exchange, the same working philosophy and identical architecture of both machines and robots. To say it simply: one sole supplier is important to give you the best trouble-free solution.
The solution is Cama, offering to the Ice Cream industry state of the art secondary packaging lines where robots and machines work together like clockwork.
The picture below is a typical example of a top loading line to pack Ice Cream Sticks into cartons.
The line is handling up to 500 products per minute coming from a 14-lane flow wrapper, cross-transferring products on to two lanes, and conveying the product to the loading unit with the products traveling broad side leading.
Products on each lane are fed by phasing conveyors and then introduced in-line into a twin vertical race track system equipped with pockets, each pocket receiving one product. The in-line feeding system ensures no shock to the products, thus guaranteeing gentle handling and no damage to the products themselves.
Each pocket is moved intermittently at each loading pitch until a preset train of products is obtained to be transferred to the loading station.
The grouped products are then collected by a two-axis robot by means of a pick-up head and loaded inside the cartons which are oriented on a phasing conveyor.
An automatic forming machine erects the cartons from flat blanks of corrugated or paperboard and then conveys the cartons to the loading unit.
After being loaded, the cartons are automatically closed by a Cama automatic closing machine.
Ice cream packaging machine

Delta Robots: Gentle Flexibility
Think about ice cream sticks: whether enrobed or not, it is important to handle them with great care to avoid damage. Imagine taking out a broken stick for your child: the disappointment on his/her face will be frustrating! Therefore, gentle handling is a must.
One of the greatest Cama advantages is the ability to replicate winning solutions from one Industry to the other. This is the case of the line in the picture: after many successful similar installations in the Bakery, Beverage and other Markets, Cama engineers replicated the concept of a Delta robot loading the infeed conveyor belt of a cartoning machine.
In addition to the usual advantages of getting the equipment from one of one sole supplier, Cama’s ability to engineer both the robot and the machine results in the benefit of extremely gentle product handling.
Using Delta Robots, for packaging ice cream, avoids making critical product deviations, thereby ensuring each stick is loaded.
How does the line work? The quality checked flowpacked ice cream sticks come from 2 lanes, and are phased into a vertical race track.
Two Cama Delta type robots pick up the sticks and place the required counts into the infeed transport conveyor of a continuous motion Cama cartoning machine.
The line is conceived for high flexibility, allowing the machine to be programmed to load the products on edge or flat, in single or multiple layers, into the cartons.
Thanks to Cama’s quick change over procedure, it is possible to easily and quickly shift from one format to another.

Tubs and Bowls: the right carton for each need
When it comes to shipping cases it’s strategically important to define the right box and the best case format: display box or case? RSC or wrap-around case?
There is no definitive answer: it depends on your needs. At Cama, we have the right variety of machines to better suit your requirements about ice cream packaging.
Cama’s FW series offers an extensive range of wrap-around solutions including trays, full wrap around or 2 pieces tray+hood cases.
If an RSC is required, then it is a matter of choosing among the Cama IN series to select the best machine based on the speed and box dimensions.
In either case, whether you are considering a wrap-around or a standard case packer, you will be relieved to know your products are handled with maximum care, thanks to the positive movement executed by the Cama machines.

The Coolest solution for Cones
You know how fragile cones are. The waffle’s texture provides your customers with an extra pleasure of cracking with the melting ice cream, as long as the waffle does not crack before eating: that is why you have to be sure that your precious cones are handled with care during the packaging process.
Cama stands out for the efficiency and reliability of its ice cream cones packaging lines. A synergic combination of packaging machines and robots engineered and produced by our packaging Company provides your production several benefits.
Reduced footprint of the complete line, compared to other proposals handling the same volume.
Positive and gentle product handling, because products never touch with one another.
Missing product solution, without operator assistance, the Cama system prevents missing cones in carton/cases when there are missing cones in the carrying trays. The line automatically compensates the quantity of available products, ensuring that cones are always in the correct configuration for the loading unit.
Flexibility, easily handling two flavours, balancing the correct accumulation of the two flavours and discharging the extra quantity of either flavour. No operator is required to balance the cones arrival! The line is flexible in terms of number of formats: change over time is reduced to a minimum.
Accessibility and easier quality control is guaranteed with all Cama systems. This is
evident with Ice Cream Cones applications, where even though many machines are involved, the line operator always has full visibility and accessibility to the complete line.
Possibility of buffering thanks to a “first-in-first-out” principle in order to absorb possible down-stream line stoppages. The accumulation of cones during buffering is performed without causing any damage to the products with tried-and-tested technology.
Labor savings as only 1 operator is required to operate the complete line, including the carton former and sealer.
Maintenance is reduced to a minimum because the system primarily relies on transport conveyors and robots, without many complex mechanical devices
Changeover procedures are very simple and provided according to SMED principles.
It’s clear that at Cama we have the coolest solutions for your ice cream cones pacakging!
Packaging Line for Ice Cream Cones.

Winning solutions for cups!
An important Impulse Ice Cream market segment is covered by cups.
This is a traditional format which has good penetration in many countries all over the world.
Mixed flavours, a variety of loading patterns and different shape cups are the most common issues faced by Ice Cream cup production.
Flexibility and reliability of the secondary ice cream packaging is extremely important to help your efficiency.
Thanks to SMED procedures and quick change over, the Cama machines are the best solution for your packaging needs.
If you are looking for a standard RSC case packer, the Cama IN series provides you with the appropriate machine that operates with positive movements to manage your products and boxes as smooth as possible.
If instead you are looking for a more convenient Wrap-around or display shipper, then it is a matter to tailor the right Cama FW machine to your needs.
If your production is looking to achieve maximum flexibility, consider a complete line composed of a box forming machine, top loading robotic system and automatic box closing machine, all engineered and supplied by Cama.
Whatever is the required ice cream packaging system for your cup, at Cama, we have the winning solution!
Monoblock Loading Unit

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