Personal Care Packaging

Personal Care Packaging Machine: Cama Group offers a range of packaging systems specifically designed and engineered for the requirements of the toiletries and personal care sectors; Cama provides added value to its customers, enabling them to benefit from lower capital cost of machinery, combined with Cama’s high quality as standard, a reduced footprint and flexibility in its application.

Efficency as a Standard
Thanks to its vast experience in packaging lines, Cama boasts its «IF» Series, a unique combination of integrated packaging machines and robotic loading units. Cama has developed a compact monoblock loading system (forming, loading and closing unit) for bottles in order to meet the customer’s requirements by incorporating reduced footprint, flexible size changing and high reliability.
The line can achieve a production speed of up to 200 bottles of shampoo per minute and can handle a broad range of product configurations. A best solution for personal care packaging.


Complete line for Packaging Jars
Cama has recently successfully produced a complete line for a leading multinational customer to pack up to 200 jars per minute containing hair style gel. The line is comprised of a monoblock system (forming and closing unit and top loading robot integrated into one frame) and has proven to be extremely fl exible, thanks to an innovative compacting head.


Flexible solutions for “Wet Wipes”
With over 30 years of experience in case packing applications, the Cama “FW” Electronic Casepacker is the right choice for personal care packaging solution such as packing a wide range of wet wipes products in a single piece wrap-around case or a two- piece display case for retail-ready packaging solutions. Depending on the configuration required, the product can be loaded either on edge (landscape or portrait) or flat into the cases. The Cama FW Casepacker is a “tried- and-tested” machine, providing extreme reliability as well as flexibility in order to meet the various market requirements.


Innovative solutions for Personal Care Packaging
One of the most recent and interesting applications in the deodorants sector is a monoblock loading unit, comprising of a single head electronic forming machine with an ergonomic horizontal blank magazine and two axis robots. The first robot picks and places the plastic trays into the erected boxes, the second loads the products (stable or unstable roll-ons delivered in transport pucks) into its fi nal package. The finished pack is completed with a highly efficient integrated closing machine, the final part of the Monoblock machine. The advantages of this innovative application can be summarised as: • “Compact” solution with reduced footprint; • High flexibility with automation of various product and packaging sizes. Although more traditional styles of Wraparound packaging are available, Cama provides a unique monoblock top loading system, capable of high production speeds (up to 50 boxes/minute), simultaneously guaranteeing improved quality of the fi nal packaging and a more than acceptable ratio between costs and benefits.


Not Just Robots
In this specific end-loading solution, Cama is not presenting a “traditional” robotic top loading line, but rather a high-performance system made up of an electronic cartoning machine and a RSC Case Packer to handle sanitary pads. A specifically designed infeed receives the pads at a continuous production speed of 1.500 products per minute and turns them into the cartoner’s infeed pocket conveyor. Cartons are erected from the low level, large capacity, driven magazine and the stacks of pads are inserted into the cartons. The filled cartons are then grouped and loaded in the RSC case, which is erected from a folded and pre-glued case.
This technical side loading solution provides a higher flexibility than a top loading application, as well as additional benefits of user friendly operators interface and a very efficient performance, with production speeds up to 80 cpm (intermittent motion) and 200 cpm (continuous motion).

Ask the best for your personal care packaging.

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